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My Story

As a kid I always enjoyed playing video games and creating art, but these were always separate activities. It wasn't until 2008 that I realised that I could marry both my hobbies into one, when I stumbled upon a game called "Little Big Planet" by Media Molecule. This game changed my understanding of how to make 'art' (art in quotations because in retrospect the levels I made were never any good, but ultimately showed me where my passions lied), it gave me simple tools to create 2.5D game levels with simple mechanics with the ability to scale the complexity.

This was the first time I had ever created digital 3D art.

Ever since then, I have been creating 3D art, games and programming

In highschool, I heavily leaned into computer science and programming with hopes of becoming a game programmer then moving into 3D art. I originally thought I would need a strong base of programming to create 3D art due to how 'technical' some of the programs looked, but after some research into the programs used - I realised how "artist friendly" these programs were and decided jump fulling into 3D art in University, keeping up my programming base with Digital Experience Design (website and application development).

Hello there! My name is Steven White-Smith, I'm a graduate of Curtin University with a double major in Animation/Games Design as well as Digital Experience and Interaction Design!


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